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We are passionate about helping our Clients eliminate, or significantly reduce, their current tax payments and future tax liabilities.  This passion came from us watching our parents, family, friends and Clients pay what they believed to be exorbitant amounts of taxes and, as a result, being unable to invest in their own financial future and being unable to fund important family objectives like college education, helping children “get started in life”, helping to care for aging parents, providing for their own long term care needs and implementing family income protection plans.


Are you, or your clients, tired of making significant tax payments every year?

Do you feel your tax payments provide little to no return to you personally?


Do you desire to eliminate, or significantly reduce, your tax payments or your client’s tax payments…and redirect these assets into more productive uses?


You are in the right place!


Let’s schedule a no-cost, no-obligation strategy session.

We will assess your current tax situation and begin to develop a Tax Savings Plan

to reduce your tax payments and liabilities and improve your financial future.

Let us show you how we provide significant value to our clients and collaborative partners!

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Business Meeting

About Us

As we worked with new tax compliance and financial planning Clients, it was not unusual that we saw a total lack of meaningful tax planning with Clients paying substantial amounts of taxes.  As a result, we began to include a focus on proactive tax planning.  As we worked with Clients to improve their financial situation, what became crystal clear was the symbiotic relationship between tax planning and financial planning.


We came to realize that financial planning and tax planning are inseparable.  In fact, success in one of these planning arenas leads to success in the other planning arena.  For many Clients, obtaining significant tax savings led to their ability to invest in their financial and retirement plans and/or in their businesses.  And appropriate financial planning strategies often result in significant tax savings, both in the short and long term.


Many financial and accounting experts agree, as do we, that the #1 eroding factor to creating income and long-term wealth is taxation.

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Our ideal tax planning Clients fall into two distinct categories.


Collaborative Partners

Group Lecture

First, the ideal Client is, in short, someone who has had significant past tax payments or expects increasing future tax payments and tax liabilities due to increasing income or higher future tax rates.  The types of Clients who have proven to be great candidates to achieve significant tax savings include successful small-to-mid-sized business owners and self-employed individuals and professionals such as doctors, dentists, lawyers, accountants, consultants and other professionals.

Team Discussion

Second, we are actively seeking to develop collaborative working relationships with other Professionals, particularly other CPAs, Enrolled Agents, Accountants, Financial Advisors, Insurance Agents and Attorneys.  These collaborative relationships can expand the Client’s team of professionals and, when properly managed, leads to significantly improved Client results because the various advisors are working together as a fully informed team and are all “on the same page”.  In addition to better Client results, there also are opportunities for all collaboratively involved partners to share in new and additional revenue.

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Don't Listen to Us, Listen to our Clients

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Contact us to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation strategy session

Midlothian, VA

Office: 804-293-5977

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“We stopped overpaying the IRS.” 

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